Saturday, September 8, 2012

2013 LDS Film Festival

Okay, here we go. We figure if we make it public it should happen, right? No pressure, but this year is going to be it.

We just received the Call for Entries for the LDS Film Festival in Orem, UT. We'd hoped in the past that it would make it, but it has never been finished in time because we always let other things get in the way (like feeding and caring for kids, family, and business)

No more! Okay, we won't let the kids starve, family despair, or business go south (although we hear St. George is lovely this time of year, but we digress), we are finally going to FINISH THE FILM! We're going to finish it, then let fate (and more hard work) decide it's outcome.

It really has turned into a fun little film. When it's finally up for show, those who were involved may be surprised at how young they used to look.

take care, wish us luck!